A Better Service

As customers become more discerning and regulatory requirements get even tougher, only those companies which demonstrate exemplary service and attention to customer needs will succeed.


Building long term relationships, can be one of the most satisfying aspects of this role, knowing that your professional knowledge and adviser will help people to achieve their aims and objectives in life.


But that cannot happen until you have investigated and analysed thoroughly the individual circumstances of each customer.  Only in this way can you be absolutely confident that you will be given the right advice or recommending the right product every time.


All of our administrative systems and monitoring procedures will support a quality approach.


Guaranteed Performance

By agreeing performance criteria in advance of each project, involving a written undertaking to motivate our work force, to enable us to meet specific attendance and continuity targets, with cost penalties if we should fail.  We aim to control the quality of the labour we deploy and influence its effectiveness.  For our clients, this discipline provides an opportunity to access the positive effects and economic advantages of employing a unique and valid approach to human resource management in a successful partnership with EPIC Construction.


Continuous Improvement

Through implementing a formal customer service programme, we will continue to seek the views and opinions of our clients as well as our sub-contract labour and our own employees.  Through such initiatives we are aiming to establish a business culture in which everyone is organised, dedicated and committed to developing a first class service.  It is our aim as a company to introduce minimum operating standards.  In order to achieve this effectively, covering the three critical areas of staff quality attendance and motivation, we have now developed a framework within which effective partnerships can be developed.


The efficient stage framework forms an effective consultation process with clients prior to supply.  Effective preparation being the key to a quality service provision.


Our philosophy is very simple.  To get it right first time, through effective planning and preparation, and also add value to the service we provide to our clients.

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Our Philosophy Is Very Simple : To Get It Right First Time.