A Better Business

EPIC Construction is a major business in its own right. Established in strength, the company has a tangible measure of our strong commitment to the life and industry market and the trust placed by our customers. Most importantly you will be joining a company with a clear sense of vision to new standards of service and quality in the civil engineering industry. The very substantial investment we are making in all areas of our business is designed to ensure that EPIC Construction is a name you can be proud of.


Quantity Service with an even quality

A vast number of small works and major controls have benefitted from EPIC Construction because we have kept the wheels of the civil engineering industry turning by the supplying of skilled operators and contract labour for a variety of tasks within the industry both on long and short term contracts.


Vetting the right people

In selecting a work force, EPIC Construction pay specific attention to both the physical and mental attributes that show the candidate is suitable for certain areas of employment.  An extensive vetting procedure is conducted by one of our highly qualified consultants, many of whom have valuable professional experience in the industry.

The result therefore achieved is a flexible, reliable workforce form which you can draw people with exactly the right attitude and credentials.  Whatever the project or business development, even at short notice for an urgent assignment UK and Overseas.

Selecting Procedure   

The procedure in selecting staff for inclusion in our skills database is an excellent example of the techniques used by EPIC consultants in assessing the suitability of prospective candidates and of the lengths we are prepared to go to, to protect our customer’s reputation – providing able and trustworthy personnel.


First and foremost, we conduct the immediate and obvious checks on a prospect’s certificate or industry record to ensure it meets our own stringent criteria.  Candidates are then required to complete a detailed application form.  This provides us with the information to conduct a scripted interview from which we can assure ourselves of the applicant’s integrity. A series of relevant tests follows and aptitude for work.  The process is completed be a formal reference checking procedure.  Only when the prospect has completed each stage to our satisfaction is their name accepted into our database, ready for recommendation to our clients.


Assured quality and quantity


Short People Scribble - talking togetherAs part of our ultimate goal, we have developed a standardised quality assured approach covering critical areas of recruitment and selection, contract administration and contract control and management.  We will continue to monitor our operational standards in these areas in order to identify where further improvements can be made.


This provides you with the reassurance, not only of an approach which exceeds the rigorous standards imposed, but also ensures that for multi-location users you are guaranteed a consistent quality of service nationwide you can be sure of high standards.


In addition, EPIC construction has a formal customer service programme called “Talk to us” which seeks the views and opinions of our clients as well as our contract labour and our own employees. This will not only improve our business but will also enable us to provide a better service for our clients. Through such initiatives our aim is to establish a culture in which everyone is organised, dedicated and committed to delivering a first class service.

Our Philosophy Is Very Simple : To Get It Right First Time.