The vision for EPIC Construction is to be the leader in business relationships in civil engineering and contract labour.


Expert advice every step of the way.  Maintaining and requiring high professional standards  

To be a People business.  The high quality of our people reflect the quality of the relationships we establish with our customers

To be worldwide Industry specialists

Our aim is to change lives through giving back and making a difference from our Community Projects.

  • Efficient
  • Principals / Passion
  • Innovative
  • Confidence

Our PASSION is driven from our PRINCIPLES of delivering an excellent EFFICIENT service within all areas, which provides our clients with the CONFIDENCE that they will have their expectations met and be assured of a “job very well done”.  When working with us you will see how INNOVATIVE we are through our creativity and also quickly seeking solutions to any issues that may arise.

Our Professional Reputation

Through our competitors we have noticed that mistakes not only waste time but also have a long lasting effect on your reputation. EPIC construction was established to provide a safeguard against the pitfalls involved in recruiting construction labour.


EPIC take the expensive process of screening new people out of your hands, leaving all of your resources free to be used to fulfil your main objective.  Each individual registered has been personally vetted by professional consultants so even at very short notice you can be sure of getting the very best.  EPIC construction provide a work force exactly matching your needs for skills and qualification, professionally screened and enthusiastic about the job.  As we are not a recruitment agency it gives us the freedom to supply contract labour without any extra hidden costs, such as employment pension, national insurance or redundancy.  You can rely on a workforce with no payroll, just a weekly invoice covering only the hours and days they have worked.


A specific market service provision within the industry creates:

  • Larger specific market labour pools

  • One of the most refined assessment and screening services for construction staff

  • Expansion of construction based service options

This ensures we supply labour with relevant construction experience and qualifications.



Our Philosophy Is Very Simple : To Get It Right First Time.